An old forgotten itemFound.I left those gloves in my carFor those cold Cincinnati days.And the gift of an ice scrapperFor those cold Cincinnati nights. Though i no longer need them,I cannot bring myself to take them out of my car.They remind me of the life that nowJust seems like a dream.The friends,The family,All the people i loved there.A realistic dream. I cannot bring myselfTo take them out. 6/25/17

Tied to you

You make my heart acheMy stomach twistMy hands sweatyMy anxiety heightenMy breath shortenMy mind a mess. How do you have this power over someone You dont speak to anymore.One text in one month.I say im fine. But i see your face in the pictures you post.And your hair and your eyes and your mouth.The things ive never been aloud to touch. And suddenly my lungs wont work.My mind wont think.And it all floods back to me. Why do you have so much power over me When i have never even been aloud to look

Its time.

I have realized.It is time to let you go.All these feelings i have been clinging to so desperately.All of these emotions that have been stiring in my heart.Its time,To let you go. I realize now you are never coming back for me.You never intended to.And here i am, thinking i would see you again.And you would cradle these same feelings i have been.But now,Within 30 seconds of your sentenceMy worldIs destroyed.Its time to let go,Like you have let go of me. I have been hoping and clinging to the ide

My poems are about you

I cant get rid of you.You are everywhere i look.You are the hand on my head, the emptiness in my bed, and in the silence.You follow me to my dreams when i try to forget you.Those heartaching dreams just bring me right back to thoughts of you.No matter how hard i try , you follow me.Everywhere i go.You are there.You abandoned me a long time ago.Yet i am still here waiting for you. 6/8/17


When you left,My world went silent.I feel your absence.You are now thousands of miles away,And i am here.My phone is silentThoughts are silentHeart, silent.Are you forgetting me?Because i am not forgetting you.Surrounded by so many beautiful women,I cant help but feel it.Can't i be with you?I am here waiting for your return. 6/4/17