I lay here 11pm.Dragged down by the weight of the earth.Debussy's light hand in my ears.My world lays in pieces around me.There is no saving me. I long for someone, anyone.Hold me.Like a child i will cling to you.Let me pour the sadness within me into your shoulder.Hear my screams from within.Know my pain of living.Just for now hold me close. I am braving this darkness alone.A black hole that keeps growing.It swallows me whole in my dark room.These walls suffocate me.Yet i can never bring mysel

Your smell

When you handed it back to me I had a hard time saying goodbye.I realized soon that my small item smelled like you.I breathed it in deep and tears came to my eyes.I will miss you. Its only been a day and the smell has faded.I regret not breathing it all in.My heart is broken for i wish i could make it stay all these long months ahead. Day 1 without you sure has been a hard one. I hope you will not forget me in your adventure around the world. 4/12/17

You only see her when you look at me

To be in love with someone who loves someone else is a sad tragedy. You can make a decision.But neither will soothe your heart in the end.So you end up trying to fill that hole with things that destroy your heart.You could take yourself away from themBut that would hurt the worst.Instead all you can do is cheer them on from the sidelines. And try and hide those feelings burning deep within.I long for you to long for me.But in the end, i know you are just longing for her.5/7/17

Writing 2

I guess i must have loved you.Even a little.It hurts too bad to not have had any feelings at all.When all i want is to be with you, it hurts to know you are with her instead.I dont think they were pure feelings of love.Our love was based on lust.Yet why does it hurt this much?I dont want to be this attached to someone who is so lowly.I knew.I knew you were this kind of person.Why did i push aside the warning signs?Not listening to my friends warning.I was dumb to try and not think about your tru

From the outside looking in

You look so aloneI feel so aloneIt is nice to be seperate yet equal.Or maybe not equal at all.A strange comfortable feeling.I am looking inOn a world i am not apart of.4/19/17