From the outside looking in

You look so aloneI feel so aloneIt is nice to be seperate yet equal.Or maybe not equal at all.A strange comfortable feeling.I am looking inOn a world i am not apart of.4/19/17

Finding myself

I haven't decided yet if i want to just keep this blog for my poetry or to write out like a personal diary.Here is my go at the personal diary thing. There are a lot of times i feel lost in my life. What kind of person do i want to be?I strive to be a certain type of person, just like everyone else does.Kind, loving, thoughtful.But i want to be more than that.I want to be the person you can call at any moment of the day and i will be there for you.I want to lift other girls self confidence up o

Let Loose

To have no care in the worldIs the best feeling.To love wholeheartedlyIs like floating on air.To be at peaceIs heavenly.4/17/17

Empty Words

You told me so many things.Promises.And i believed you. My mistake.4/14/17 You said you would be here but where are you now?

What does it mean

So close Yet so distant.When i lean in to listenYou back awayYet when you hug meYou hold on tight as if to tell meTo stay.4/10/17