Finding myself

by Madison Staggs

I haven't decided yet if i want to just keep this blog for my poetry or to write out like a personal diary.
Here is my go at the personal diary thing.

There are a lot of times i feel lost in my life. 

What kind of person do i want to be?

I strive to be a certain type of person, just like everyone else does.
Kind, loving, thoughtful.
But i want to be more than that.
I want to be the person you can call at any moment of the day and i will be there for you.
I want to lift other girls self confidence up on their selfie pics or tell them how beautiful they are. I want to make them feel good in their own skin.
I want to be the most kind, gentle person who will take care of my friends when they are sick or studying too hard. Bring them coffee when they are up late or a snack to keep them going.
I strive to be this person.

The path is tough.
I believe we are our worst judge.
I feel guilty for not meeting these expectations on a regular basis.

I know that we all have our flaws.

I hope one day i can be the type of person i want to be.
And i hope one day i will find true peace within myself.

Thats all i have to write for now.
Thanks for taking your time to read my thoughts. ありがとう。
Lots of love,

Madison Staggs