Writing 2

by Madison Staggs

I guess i must have loved you.
Even a little.
It hurts too bad to not have had any feelings at all.
When all i want is to be with you, it hurts to know you are with her instead.
I dont think they were pure feelings of love.
Our love was based on lust.
Yet why does it hurt this much?
I dont want to be this attached to someone who is so lowly.

I knew.
I knew you were this kind of person.
Why did i push aside the warning signs?
Not listening to my friends warning.
I was dumb to try and not think about your true nature.
You are the worst kind of person.
You make me feel sick.

Thank you though.
You've reminded me of important things i may have forgotten.
You reminded me why cheating is one of the worst things ever.
How much it hurts to be cheated on.
You reminded me to be true to myself and my friends while you tried to drag me away from that.
You reminded me to never feel guilty about my feelings.
You always tried.
You reminded me that if i dont want to do something,
I shouldn't just because you beg me.
So thank you for those reminders.

I know why God brought you to me now.
It wasnt to save me like i thought.
It was to show me that i dont need people like you.


Madison Staggs