I think i will always be waiting

by Madison Staggs

I know its time to give up on you.
Ive known.
I need to let you go.
Ive let this draw on too long
Holding on to every last bit of hope.
Every last drop of maybe you will come around.
From the time you held me in the dark hours to the time you caressed my hair in the early daylight.
Those times that we have kept secret.
I've gone over it more than 100 times
Trying to convince myself it means more.
You miss her.
And in her place you occasionally slip up with me.
I try to convince myself it isn't her you see.
But i know.
I tell myself maybe next semester.
Maybe in a few months.
Things will change.
But im not sure thats a good thing.
I need to let you go before you destroy my heart more
Forever waiting on you to change your mind.

-My rational conscious


Madison Staggs