Its time.

by Madison Staggs

I have realized.
It is time to let you go.
All these feelings i have been clinging to so desperately.
All of these emotions that have been stiring in my heart.
Its time,
To let you go.

I realize now you are never coming back for me.
You never intended to.
And here i am, thinking i would see you again.
And you would cradle these same feelings i have been.
But now,
Within 30 seconds of your sentence
My world
Is destroyed.
Its time to let go,
Like you have let go of me.

I have been hoping and clinging to the idea of you.
My past with you has kept me afloat with hope.
You have always been my rock in a heavy storm.
I had always hoped maybe it could work out.
But you have demolished those thoughts.
I poured my heart to you in hopes
That you could return these thoughts.
These feelings.
I feel hopeless.
And dumb.
I have clung onto these feelings.
I thought you had to.
I was mistaken.
I guess it is time to truly let you go.
Like you have me.

This hurts.
My heart is in one million pieces.
To let you go is as if i am accepting the fact
That my heart will forever be missing a piece.
I feel incomplete.
I dont want to let go.
But you are forcing my fingers
From the ledge.

I guess this is where
I have to learn to pick myself up.


Madison Staggs