by Madison Staggs

We kissed
Under the stage lights
With the most beautiful music.

A stranger,
You are and forever will be.

Your lips were soft
And your face was sweaty. 
We danced together for hours.
My hips swaying against yours.
Your arms wrapped around me tightly, 
As if to never let go.

Even for just a little while,
It was as if we had known each other forever.
I put my hand over yours
As we swayed in time.
Your head resting on my shoulder. 

We do not love each other.
But in that moment it was as if we could.

I will never forget your face
Or your lips
Or the way you held me tight.

Thank you for giving me love
At a time when i needed it most.

I hope some day,
Our lips will meet again.


Madison Staggs